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First attempt at pancake civil engineering

Golden Gate bridge made out of pancakes
Thought I’d give myself a little challenge today, so I decided to test out the load-bearing qualities of pancake batter. The project was more successful than I had anticipated, minus the minor burns from trying to assemble the structure on a hot griddle.

If you over-cook the pieces, they become pretty stable, almost like balsa wood. The trick is to cook out all the moisture without burning the pancake. Adding liquid batter as ‘mortar’ works pretty well, it just takes a little while before it will hold anything together. After I assembled the sides to the road-deck, I left the whole thing on the griddle for a few minutes to solidify everything.

Yes, I Allie and I ate it after I took a couple photos :)

Below is a video of how I made it-

Allie loves the pancake bridge

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“Tank”, the pancake turtle

Turtle shaped pancake
By popular demand- I made a turtle. For some reason I thought I was going to be able to mold the shell into a lifelike three-dimensional shape, and then reality set it. Pancakes like to stay flat I guess. Undeterred, I decided to use brute force and just squished the pancake into the shape I wanted. I need to figure out some sort of semi-hemispherical cast-iron dome shape to make subsequent turtle shells. I take pancakes seriously.

Here’s the video of Allie and I making the turtle- enjoy! PS- I wasn’t letting Ryan cry in the background by himself, Erin was with him :)

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Deadliest Catch: Now in pancake form.

Pancake shaped like a crab
Here’s one in honor of Capt. Phil and the new season of Deadliest Catch. Thanks for the idea Patti! Crab claws are a lot harder to make than I initially thought, and I couldn’t remember if king crabs have one big claw or what. Whatever, looks like a crab to me. And, he was delicious. Next time I’m going to serve crab pancakes with drawn butter and plastic bibs.

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Flights canceled due to eruption of Mt. Pancake

Pancake shaped like a volcano photo
Flights over Europe would still be on time if volcano we’re filled with butter and syrup. I bet that Maui would smell pretty damn good too.

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Grow your own pancakes! Today we make flower pancakes

Our first attempt at video blogging the pancakes! Allie and I made some flower pancakes since we had some batter left over from the attempt at princess pancakes. Making Sleeping Beauty pancakes was a heck of a lot harder that I thought it was going to be. I wanted to make Snow White since she’s a brunette and it would be easier to make her recognizable, but Allie wasn’t having it.

Anyway, back to flowers. Flower pancakes are super easy to make, at least ones that look like cartoons. I didn’t show us making the flowerpot in the video, but you can see it in the photos below.  I also added some purple sprinkles to one of the flowers because Allie said it would make it more pretty.

Flower shaped pancakes

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Now THIS is a lightbulb pancake:

a lightbulb-shaped pancake

I remember getting lightbulb pancakes as a kid…mostly because my dad would somehow mess up a regular pancake. This pancake is a tribute to my dad, a pioneer in the Pancake Art industry.

Allie liked it: No.  I ate it.

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Allie’s request: Butterfly pancake

Butterfly shaped pancake - fun pancake

Allie requested a butterfly pancake, sorry to those who voted for a monster truck :) We’ll have to wait for next weekend for that one. Mixing all the food coloring colors together kinda makes a good color for the outline, but it looks pretty gross in the mixing bowl. Allie loved it though…

Allie with the butterfly pancake

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Release the (pancake) Kraken!

an animal pancake in the shape of an octopusToday was food coloring experiment day and this is what I made after I had some left over green batter. He turned out pretty good, you really have to limit the cooking time with colored pancakes because they all end up turning brown eventually (double meaning?). Less cooking time = more color.  Thanks to my lovely wife for giving me a cake decorating bag from the store, it helps a lot.

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2010: A pancake odyssey

Space pancake sceneThis my friends is the FUTURE of pancake technology. I think this is what astronauts eat for breakfast. If they don’t they should.

The flames on the rocket didn’t quite go as planned, but you get the idea. The moon was the easiest thing I’ve ever made, looks just like the moon pancakes my dad used to make me.

Me- “Dad, I want Mickey Mouse pancakes!”
My Dad – “Uh…how about this one—it looks like the moon!”

My dad could’ve been a great salesman.

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Pachyderm Pancake Progress

Elephant shaped pancakeAlright…now we’re getting somewhere. I’ve refined my coloring technique and I was able to get the ear and eyeball to stand out a little. Bonus: the crispyness of the overcooked parts add some nice texture to the pancake. Overall a success I think. Allie liked it too.

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