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A Salute to our Vets on Memorial Day – American Flag Pancakes!

American flag pancake
Happy Memorial day everyone! Here’s a patriotic pancake for ya. I really tried to get all 50 stars in there, but pancake batter is a bit unforgiving when you’re trying to do detail work.

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South of the border pancakes

Here’s a creation that I came up with while I was on the TV morning show- a taco pancake! Yes, I know it’s not a big stretch from the cheeseburger pancake, but I was on live TV and running out of ideas. Also, the taco pancakes are delicious. Pour a little syrup in the middle and it’s “good to go”. :)

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Happy Birthday Pac-Man!

Pac-Man Pancake
Happy (belated) birthday Pac-Man! Can’t believe you’re 30…I’m starting to feel old. I had to spend about 15 minutes explaining to Allie who Pac-Man is, and then she still doesn’t understand why he eats ghosts.

If I had a bigger griddle I think I could make the whole game layout :)

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The Biplane Pancake


Allie with the airplane pancakethe parts to make an airplane pancake

This one was pretty tricky, but not as hard as the ferris wheel. I made all the parts by cooking them really slowly to get as much of the moisture out of them as I could. When you cook a pancake for about 15 minutes, it gets crispy on the outside and stays pretty tasty in the middle. After the parts were cooked, I used pancake batter to ‘glue’ the whole thing together on the griddle. The heat from the griddle cooks it pretty well, although you need a pretty high tolerance to pain (hot).

The best part about this pancake was that it was half toy, half food. Allie actually played with it for about 2 minutes before the whole thing fell apart (some went onto the floor, good fortune for our English bulldog, Bailey). Allie thought it was pretty cool, but she’s still bugging me for a unicorn. Horses are hard to draw, let alone make into a pancake. We’ll see, maybe this weekend.

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At Allie’s request – Yo Gabba Gabba pancake

Yo Gabba Gabba pancake
Allie with Muno
One of Allie’s favorite shows is yo gabba gabba…some sort of crazy kids show with guys in giant costumes. The host is super skinny and dresses in an orange spandex suit for some reason. Anyway, the first time I saw this show I thought we were on a Japanese channel or something. Either way, Allie likes it. She wanted to watch TV, but instead I suggested we make pancakes. This creature from the show (I think his name is Muno) is the compromise.

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Mmmmmm…..bacon & eggs

Bacon and eggs made from pancakes
This pancake is for all the mornings when I really want bacon and eggs but we never seem to have them in the fridge. Luckily, we have plenty of pancake ingredients in this house :)

I’m glad I recorded this one, Allie had a couple good comments. Apparently calling bacon fat “fat” isn’t nice. And oh shoot isn’t a nice word. That WAS my nice version!

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Recipes & tips now available in our pancake newsletter

Howdy! Just wanted to let you know that I’m going to be sending out a newsletter with some recipes and tips about once a week. You can subscribe here – it’s free, I won’t spam you or anything, Allie made me promise. Thanks again!

-Jim & Allie

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I assume this is what pancakes are like in Japan

sushi made from pancakes

Allie trying out the chopsticks

Gotta thank Steve from my facebook page for this idea! I think it came out pretty good and Allie ate the whole thing. She was either starving or they were good, we’ll never know.

I wanted to make sushi pancakes like you would make real sushi, so everything needed to be thin enough to wrap up like a long roll. I experimented with making really thin pancakes by pouring batter onto the griddle and then quickly spreading it with the spatula (see video below).  The trick is to cook the batter quickly so that it remains pliable enough to be wrapped up. Next time I’ll try wrapping up some cool ingredients inside, maybe bananas or something. Here’s the video for ya, enjoy!

(Sorry if there are a few boring parts…I need to work on my video commentary skills)

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Difficulty level: 11 – Ferris Wheel Pancake!

A ferris wheel pancake

I think this was the hardest pancake so far. Amber suggested it from the Jim’s Pancakes Facebook page and I thought it would be a nice challenge. Well, an hour later and with most of my fingers burned I’m calling it a success. I’ll post the video of it here after I load it to my youtube channel later. Getting the 2 halves to join together was pretty rough, and making the individual seats was a bit of a pain. My wife took a look at it and asked me if it spun around like a real one. No, it doesn’t…maybe next time :)

About midway through, Allie decided that I was taking too long so she abandoned the project and decided to watch some Saturday morning cartoons. The best part was when I was all done, she came and looked at it told me it was cool and then went right back to cartoons. I guess I just can’t compete with Yo Gabba Gabba. Hmm, unless I make some Yo Gabba pancakes!  Tomorrow!

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Pancakes are officially manly.

Pancakes on esquire!

Who knew that pancakes were so manly enough to be in Esquire? Thanks to Eric Gillin @esquire magazine and his “Eat like a Man” blog for featuring our pancakes, that is awesome. Hopefully my wife will think that I’m a little cooler now that I hang around with Esquire.

An excerpt from the article:

If you are reading this and it’s Saturday morning, Jim Belosic is making special pancakes for his three-year-old, Allie. Every single pot in the house is dirty, the kitchen is a batter-splattered warzone, and his wife, who prefers immaculate countertops, is casting a wan eye over the proceedings. But the thousands of people who follow Jim’s culinary feats on are enjoying themselves. And Allie is, too. Her dad probably just whipped up some multicolored butterfly pancakes. Or maybe pancakes in the shape of a rapper’s dookie chain. Or maybe the Golden Gate Bridge.

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