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All 3 year olds think that toilets are funny…

…and so do I!

The Potty Pancake

This one was created at the request of one of my cousins and it was a big hit at breakfast with the family. I guess toilets are inherently funny, Allie got a big laugh out of it. I made it by stacking a bunch of layers all together, a few chocolate chips at the bottom of the bowl complete the effect.

Next time I’ll make a version with the seat up :)

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Piano Pancakes

If I only had a bigger griddle, I could make a full size keyboard. I think this is big enough for Mary had a Little Lamb, but that’s about it.

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Summer’s hottest fashion – Pancake Sunglasses

Allie Rockin the sunglasses (glasses) pancake

I’m back! Sorry for the hiatus, we’ve been camping on the weekends lately so I haven’t had a lot of time to do Saturday pancakes in the kitchen.  Anyway, we decided to make some awesome pancake glasses this morning, breakfast is always more fun when you can wear it. Note: add butter and syrup AFTER wearing the glasses otherwise you have to do bathtime twice. Next time we’ll add some sparkles for the full Elton John effect.

PS- Allie, I’m really sorry if anyone digs up this picture and makes fun of you in 15 years. I meant well.

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Summertime is here!

Watermelon Pancake
Summer is officially here…I know because anything over 70 degrees and I start to panic. To “celebrate” the summer season, I decided to make a watermelon pancake! Note: using real watermelon in pancake batter does NOT color it. It only makes a huge mess and wastes otherwise good pancake batter :) For this one I used some strawberry jam for coloring, it gave it a nice flavor and color. The seeds are colored with cocoa powder.


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