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Fall’s hottest fashion: Pancakes!

Allie with Pancake earings and bracelets

Fall’s hottest fashions—Pancake earrings and bracelets. Allie was helping me make pancakes the other day and I told her to take off her dress-up bracelets so that they didn’t fall into the batter.  She wasn’t super happy about that, so we quickly came up with a solution: Pancake bracelets!  Of course, nothing goes better with pancake bracelets than pancake earrings, so we made a couple of those too. The only problem is that our dog was VERY interested in everywhere Allie went while wearing the bracelets, I guess they smelled pretty good!

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3D Dinosaur Bones Pancake

3D Dinosaur Pancake During our recent trip to New York we visited the Museum of Natural History. We got to see some really cool dinosaur skeletons. Allie thought they were pretty cool, so I thought I’d see if I could recreate one in pancake form.

Allie and I in front of a T-Rex

Here’s what I started with (I made all the shapes first then put them together with pancake batter):

parts for the dinosaur pancake

And here’s Allie with the finished product…she saying “RAAAARRRRRRRRARARRRR!!!!”

Allie and the Dino Pancake

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The Elusive Unicorn Pancake!

Unicorn PancakeAfter many weeks of Allie’s relentless begging, I finally made her a unicorn. The reason it took so long is because I am horrible at drawing horses, so I had to think it through to get it right. Allie chose the hair color too, very punk rock.

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