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Boo! Halloween Pancakes!

Halloween Pancakes

Boo!  It’s that time of year to make some Halloween pancakes!  Here are a couple easy ones, I think I’ll attempt something a little more complex this weekend.  The ghost is really easy to make, the trick is to flip it over as soon as possible so that it stays white. You can cook it all the way through on the other side, it’s okay if that side turns brown.  For the pumpkin the trick is to cook the outline and the face for as long as possible before you fill it in. That way you’ll have some color variation between the outline and the body.

For these ones I just used some store-bought instant pancake mix, but I think I’ll try adding some canned pumpkin to the batter for the next batch. Pumpkin shaped pumpkin pancakes would be awesome :)

Here’s Allie saying BOOOO!


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Pancakes are better with honey- the Beehive pancake!

beehive pancake

This one is super easy to make, you just have to make some circles and some “C” shapes for the door. Stack ‘em up and you’re done!  Yes, I admit that my bees could use a little work. I was trying to make them really small to match the scale of the beehive but they just turned into blobs. For the brown color I used cocoa powder in the batter, for the yellow I used some stale turmeric spice that we had laying around. Don’t use fresh turmeric because it can affect the flavor a bit.

Of course, you need to eat this pancake with honey, not syrup :)

Allie and the beehive pancake

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