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Gobble Gobble! Turkey Pancakes for Thanksgiving

Turkey pancakes

With Thanksgiving  just around the corner, Allie decided this week that turkey pancakes were in order. Not just any turkey shape would do though, this had to look just like the turkey from her pop-up Thanksgiving book. Great.

Overall I think he turned out pretty good, as far as Turkey pancakes are concerned. I used some cocoa powder to make the brown color, the orange is from some marmalade and the red is my some Maraschino Cherry juice (one of my favorite new colorings!)

I made him in 3 parts: body, tail and feet. I assembled the body and tail together like one of those balsa airplanes…”Tab A goes into slot B”   The feet were added as a small blob on the griddle.

Next week we might try something using some cranberries for color!

Allie and the Turkey Pancake

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