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Ryan’s First Pancakes!

Ryan's first pancakes

Some of you might not know that Allie has a little brother, Ryan. I guess he’s been left out of this blog since he doesn’t eat pancakes…until today! Turns out he absolutely loves them. I made a bunch of simple pancakes about the size of a quarter and he devoured them then promptly took a really long nap. BEST BABY FOOD EVER.

Next time I’m going to combine them with his 2nd favorite food, applesauce.

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The Holidays are here!

Candy Cane Pancakes

Here’s the first of a few holiday themed pancakes!  The only problem with these is that Allie keeps thinking it’s Christmas morning when she gets them on her plate.

Add a little peppermint oil to the batter for a variation…it actually goes really good with the batter.  I’m going to come up with a design that uses both peppermint oil and chocolate so that I can get the peppermint hot cocoa flavor.  Maybe I’ll just make a cup of cocoa pancake.


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