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Caterpillars for breakfast!

caterpillar pancake

I had some leftover green pancake mix and I was trying to figure out something to do with it.
Hmmm….what’s green?
Turtles? Nah, already made one.
Insects? Gross. Wait, what about a ‘cute’ insect?

The trick is to make the legs pretty short so that they can hold the weight of his body. I cooked all the legs first (let them get a little crispy on one side for strength) then I made the body. You don’t flip the body for this one, you just let it cook all the way through on one side. Having a low griddle temp is a good idea. ┬áRight before the batter is cooked all the way, stick the legs on and they’ll cook together.

parts to the caterpillar

Parts to the caterpillar pancake

Let the whole thing sit on the griddle for a bit to make sure it’s fully cooked, then do your best to flip him without breaking into 3 pieces (this is version 2.0 for me). Add some chocolate chips for eyes and enjoy!

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