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The Millennium (Pancake) Falcon

millenium falcon pancake

Well, the AT-AT was such a hit that I decided to do another favorite, the Millennium Falcon :)

This one was a bit easier than the AT-AT, but the landing gear gave me a hard time. For the first attempt I think this came out pretty good though. I should probably add a small Chewie though, using chocolate batter of course.

Here’s a time-lapse video that I made, it shows how all the pieces go together. Overall cooking time was about 5-6 minutes. You can see that Ryan was there helping me in the kitchen :) The video cut off before I plated the Falcon, but all you need to do is set the parts on top of each other and you’re all set.

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Star Wars Pancakes!


I finally made one of my favorite things from when I was little, the “AT-AT” from Star Wars.  This was not easy, but well worth it :) It took a little more planning than usual, since four-legged pancake creations seem to be the most difficult to engineer. Here’s the super-scientific blueprints I started from:


I ended up making all the legs straight. Placing them in a walking configuration proved too unstable. In all, there are 13 pieces, all held together with pancake batter. Here’s a shot of some of the pieces cooking on the griddle:

starwars-pancake-parts more-parts

Total time to create it was about 15 minutes, mostly because it took a while to get the legs “crispy” enough to hold up the body. From there, I placed the parts back on the griddle and used more pancake batter as “glue”. If you let the parts sit on low heat for long enough, the batter eventually cooks through and makes a nice strong connection.

Here’s a short video of the finished piece. Video shows the 3D look a little better:

Allie wanted to eat a flower pancake, so this one was eaten by me, while humming the Darth Vader theme. Perfect.

Any suggestions for another?


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Any football fans out there?

football pancakes
It’s that time of year again! I was going to make a 49ers  or Cowboys football helmet, but I decided to be a little more team neutral until I hear what your favorite teams are :) I also wanted to make something that you can play with before you eat, so a mini football field complete with goal posts seemed like a good solution.

Let me know who your favorite team is, and maybe we can make a few more football pancakes this season.

Here’s a few tips  to make a football field:

1. To create the team names in the end zones, be sure to write them backwards on the griddle so that they are right-side-up when you flip it. The “good” side will always be the face down side when you start to draw with the batter.

2. Cocoa powder works great to make brown for the football. It adds a nice flavor too.

3. Cook the goal posts for a little longer than usual so that they won’t flop over when you try to stand them up. After they are cooked, I make a little puddle of green batter on the griddle and stick the goal post in the middle. Let the green puddle cook all the way through and you’ll have a goal post that can stand on it’s own.

Allie gives this one a thumbs up!

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Hmmm…maybe this isn’t a good gift for my wife

The gift of Pancakes

My wife’s birthday is coming up, so I thought maybe breakfast in bed would be nice. Here’s my first attempt at a “Gift Box” pancake…I think it needs a bit of work before it meets here high standards :)

Here’s a shot of how I made the parts on the griddle-

I made the four sides using red batter with yellow for the ribbon. I also made some additional squares to prop the whole thing up. Finally, I made a longer piece of yellow pancake and bent it into a bow shape for the top. Overall I think it worked out pretty well, but I need to have a bit more accuracy where the sides meet so that it doesn’t look so lopsided.

I also need to practice making it really fast so that it stays hot…my wife doesn’t like cold pancakes as much as Allie :)

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Hockey Season is almost here!

Red Wings Pancakes

With hockey season just around the corner, my cousin Mike asked for his favorite team to be rendered in pancake form. I’m more of a football guy myself, so I hope I did the Red Wings logo justice.

To make your own team logo in pancakes, here are a few simple tips:

1. You will be drawing the whole thing backwards at first…a mirror image. This is because the “good” side will be cooked first, you’ll see the finished result after you flip it. Try to picture the logo backwards when you are drawing it. This is especially important for logos with lettering in them.

2. Draw the outlines first and let them cook for 30 seconds to a minute. Then you can fill in the colors with less precision.



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Easter Pancakes!

Pancakes for Easter

Hi All!  Yes, Allie and I (and Ryan) are still around, sorry we’ve been gone for a bit. I’ve been working on the pancake book, so most weekends have involved pancake photo shoot and writing so I’ve neglected the blog a bit.  Good news though- we’re back on a regular pancake-making schedule, so you can expect many more creations in the coming weeks.

Anyway, this week we decided to make some Easter pancakes and post them so that you have some ideas to make on Easter morning. This idea came straight from Allie, and at first I wasn’t sure how to pull it off. “A baby chick coming out of an egg in an Easter basket” is a bit of a challenge when you’re working with pancakes :)

After breaking the design into a few parts though, it’s not too bad. First I made the basket, then the egg, then the chick (which is basically just a yellow circle with an orange beak). Get creative and have fun this Easter, and be sure and post your photos to my Facebook page!



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Practicing for Valentine’s day

valentines pancakes

I decided to test out some ideas for Valentine’s Day pancakes, but all I could come up with is an arrow through a heart. The heart is colored with strawberry jam, and the arrow uses cocoa powder.

I think I might be able to make a “box of chocolates” pancake…maybe a necklace too. Let me know if you have any ideas! Valentines day is one of Allie’s favorite holidays so I need to go all out.

My wife will probably prefer real chocolates to pancake ones, time to go to See’s candy.

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Caterpillars for breakfast!

caterpillar pancake

I had some leftover green pancake mix and I was trying to figure out something to do with it.
Hmmm….what’s green?
Turtles? Nah, already made one.
Insects? Gross. Wait, what about a ‘cute’ insect?

The trick is to make the legs pretty short so that they can hold the weight of his body. I cooked all the legs first (let them get a little crispy on one side for strength) then I made the body. You don’t flip the body for this one, you just let it cook all the way through on one side. Having a low griddle temp is a good idea.  Right before the batter is cooked all the way, stick the legs on and they’ll cook together.

parts to the caterpillar

Parts to the caterpillar pancake

Let the whole thing sit on the griddle for a bit to make sure it’s fully cooked, then do your best to flip him without breaking into 3 pieces (this is version 2.0 for me). Add some chocolate chips for eyes and enjoy!

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Ryan’s First Pancakes!

Ryan's first pancakes

Some of you might not know that Allie has a little brother, Ryan. I guess he’s been left out of this blog since he doesn’t eat pancakes…until today! Turns out he absolutely loves them. I made a bunch of simple pancakes about the size of a quarter and he devoured them then promptly took a really long nap. BEST BABY FOOD EVER.

Next time I’m going to combine them with his 2nd favorite food, applesauce.

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The Holidays are here!

Candy Cane Pancakes

Here’s the first of a few holiday themed pancakes!  The only problem with these is that Allie keeps thinking it’s Christmas morning when she gets them on her plate.

Add a little peppermint oil to the batter for a variation…it actually goes really good with the batter.  I’m going to come up with a design that uses both peppermint oil and chocolate so that I can get the peppermint hot cocoa flavor.  Maybe I’ll just make a cup of cocoa pancake.


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