Our Book is here!

Over 75 recipes for crazy pancake concoctions… Good-bye cupcake…Helloooo, PANCAKES!

OMG pancakes book jimspancakes

Hey all! We’re all done writing the book and it’s available for presale (check out the links below). All of my proceeds will go to Allie’s college fund…or cooking school fund. :)

Thanks again for all your support, Allie, Ryan and I really appreciate it!

“When Jim Belosic started making pancakes in unusual designs, he was just trying to earn some cool cred with his daughter, Allie. Little did he know how happy he’d make her-and the millions of fans who eagerly await his latest creations on the Internet.

Pancake unicorns, beehives, bridges, Ferris wheels, and even construction cranes have all risen to life through Jim’s artful use of squeeze bottles, tasty and nutritious coloring and flavor techniques, and fearless creativity. Now, with a little help from Jim, everyone can turn breakfast into art. Filled with full-color photos, and step-by-step instructions, OMG Pancakes! will be devoured by families and crafty foodies alike.”



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