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The Millennium (Pancake) Falcon

millenium falcon pancake

Well, the AT-AT was such a hit that I decided to do another favorite, the Millennium Falcon :)

This one was a bit easier than the AT-AT, but the landing gear gave me a hard time. For the first attempt I think this came out pretty good though. I should probably add a small Chewie though, using chocolate batter of course.

Here’s a time-lapse video that I made, it shows how all the pieces go together. Overall cooking time was about 5-6 minutes. You can see that Ryan was there helping me in the kitchen :) The video cut off before I plated the Falcon, but all you need to do is set the parts on top of each other and you’re all set.

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Star Wars Pancakes!


I finally made one of my favorite things from when I was little, the “AT-AT” from Star Wars.  This was not easy, but well worth it :) It took a little more planning than usual, since four-legged pancake creations seem to be the most difficult to engineer. Here’s the super-scientific blueprints I started from:


I ended up making all the legs straight. Placing them in a walking configuration proved too unstable. In all, there are 13 pieces, all held together with pancake batter. Here’s a shot of some of the pieces cooking on the griddle:

starwars-pancake-parts more-parts

Total time to create it was about 15 minutes, mostly because it took a while to get the legs “crispy” enough to hold up the body. From there, I placed the parts back on the griddle and used more pancake batter as “glue”. If you let the parts sit on low heat for long enough, the batter eventually cooks through and makes a nice strong connection.

Here’s a short video of the finished piece. Video shows the 3D look a little better:

Allie wanted to eat a flower pancake, so this one was eaten by me, while humming the Darth Vader theme. Perfect.

Any suggestions for another?


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Practicing for Valentine’s day

valentines pancakes

I decided to test out some ideas for Valentine’s Day pancakes, but all I could come up with is an arrow through a heart. The heart is colored with strawberry jam, and the arrow uses cocoa powder.

I think I might be able to make a “box of chocolates” pancake…maybe a necklace too. Let me know if you have any ideas! Valentines day is one of Allie’s favorite holidays so I need to go all out.

My wife will probably prefer real chocolates to pancake ones, time to go to See’s candy.

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Mmmmmm…..bacon & eggs

Bacon and eggs made from pancakes
This pancake is for all the mornings when I really want bacon and eggs but we never seem to have them in the fridge. Luckily, we have plenty of pancake ingredients in this house :)

I’m glad I recorded this one, Allie had a couple good comments. Apparently calling bacon fat “fat” isn’t nice. And oh shoot isn’t a nice word. That WAS my nice version!

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I assume this is what pancakes are like in Japan

sushi made from pancakes

Allie trying out the chopsticks

Gotta thank Steve from my facebook page for this idea! I think it came out pretty good and Allie ate the whole thing. She was either starving or they were good, we’ll never know.

I wanted to make sushi pancakes like you would make real sushi, so everything needed to be thin enough to wrap up like a long roll. I experimented with making really thin pancakes by pouring batter onto the griddle and then quickly spreading it with the spatula (see video below).  The trick is to cook the batter quickly so that it remains pliable enough to be wrapped up. Next time I’ll try wrapping up some cool ingredients inside, maybe bananas or something. Here’s the video for ya, enjoy!

(Sorry if there are a few boring parts…I need to work on my video commentary skills)

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Difficulty level: 11 – Ferris Wheel Pancake!

A ferris wheel pancake

I think this was the hardest pancake so far. Amber suggested it from the Jim’s Pancakes Facebook page and I thought it would be a nice challenge. Well, an hour later and with most of my fingers burned I’m calling it a success. I’ll post the video of it here after I load it to my youtube channel later. Getting the 2 halves to join together was pretty rough, and making the individual seats was a bit of a pain. My wife took a look at it and asked me if it spun around like a real one. No, it doesn’t…maybe next time :)

About midway through, Allie decided that I was taking too long so she abandoned the project and decided to watch some Saturday morning cartoons. The best part was when I was all done, she came and looked at it told me it was cool and then went right back to cartoons. I guess I just can’t compete with Yo Gabba Gabba. Hmm, unless I make some Yo Gabba pancakes!  Tomorrow!

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Do pancake bees gather syrup instead of honey?

pancake art - bee pancake

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Easy to make Giraffe Pancake

giraffe-shaped pancake
This guy was pretty easy to make. I just drew the outline and his spots first, then let them cook for a couple minutes. Add a  little yellow batter and boom: Giraffe pancake.

As usual, Allie was supervising my work and giving encouragement. Later on I asked her what other kinds of pancakes she wanted and she decided on Snow White. I tried to sell her on Ariel the little mermaid (since that is way easier to make as a pancake) but she wasn’t having it. Here’s the attempt at Snow White…looks more like Snow White dyed her hair blond and wend to Hawaii for a couple weeks. Whoops. Next time I’ll use some black batter for her hair.

snow white princess pancake

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First attempt at pancake civil engineering

Golden Gate bridge made out of pancakes
Thought I’d give myself a little challenge today, so I decided to test out the load-bearing qualities of pancake batter. The project was more successful than I had anticipated, minus the minor burns from trying to assemble the structure on a hot griddle.

If you over-cook the pieces, they become pretty stable, almost like balsa wood. The trick is to cook out all the moisture without burning the pancake. Adding liquid batter as ‘mortar’ works pretty well, it just takes a little while before it will hold anything together. After I assembled the sides to the road-deck, I left the whole thing on the griddle for a few minutes to solidify everything.

Yes, I Allie and I ate it after I took a couple photos :)

Below is a video of how I made it-

Allie loves the pancake bridge

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“Tank”, the pancake turtle

Turtle shaped pancake
By popular demand- I made a turtle. For some reason I thought I was going to be able to mold the shell into a lifelike three-dimensional shape, and then reality set it. Pancakes like to stay flat I guess. Undeterred, I decided to use brute force and just squished the pancake into the shape I wanted. I need to figure out some sort of semi-hemispherical cast-iron dome shape to make subsequent turtle shells. I take pancakes seriously.

Here’s the video of Allie and I making the turtle- enjoy! PS- I wasn’t letting Ryan cry in the background by himself, Erin was with him :)

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